Which is used, Vertical or Horizontal writing?

Do you know the Japanese language has two ways: vertical writing and horizontal writing?

Watch the video to learn how we use them!



Vertical writing? Horizontal Writing?


Japanese writing has two ways, Vertical and Horizontal writing.


I have received many questions from my students.


“Which are commonly used?”


“Which is the “standard” Japanese?”


“Which should I learn?”


I know, I know.


Let me explain.


Which is used in Japanese, vertical writing or horizontal writing?


My answer is…




Let me show you a few examples.




Vertical and horizontal writing in Japanese Newspaper

Source: 京都新聞


As you can see, both horizontal writing and vertical writing are used.


The main title is written horizontally, and the rest parts are written vertically.


This is a typical style of the newspaper format.




Vertical and horizontal writing in Japanese Magazine

source: 旅の手帖

To make the magazine cover visually interesting, both vertical and horizontal writing is used.

Horizontal writing is used in the main title and the small text.

Vertical writing is used in the center of the magazine cover.

The Japanese language is unique, isn’t it?😊

So, when you learn Japanese, please practice writing Japanese horizontally and vertically!

If you want to learn the difference between vertical writing and horizontal writing,

I recommend using this Japanese notebook.


It includes mini tutorials about the difference between vertical and horizontal writing and how to write correctly!


Grab this Nihongo Practice Notebook and start your Japanese learning journey! 😉


Happy learning!



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