Do you want to ...

Use te form confidently?

Listen to Japanese well?

Speak Japanese fluently?

Build up your vocabulary rapidly?

Master Japanese grammar easily?

Take your Japanese to the next level?

Join a Japanese class but cannot find any in your local area?

Then, this course is perfect for you!

With a structured curriculum, 

easy-to-follow video tutorials, 

and helpful references and worksheets, 

You can learn Japanese easily and quickly, anywhere, anytime you’d like.

Understand how to make te form so that you are ready to use it.

Learn detailed grammar so that you can understand each grammar rules fully.

Practice creating sentences so that you can use grammar rules you’ve learned confidently.

Read various Japanese texts and answer questions so that you can get used to reading Japanese text comprehendingly.

Have plenty of Listening exercises so that your listening skill improves enormously.

Speak Japanese in virtual conversation lessons so that you’ll overcome your fear of talking with Japanese people.

Memorize all the new words you learn in each module using Wordbank so that you are ready to dive into the lessons.

Test your vocabulary at Weekend Challenge Vocabulary lesson so that you can develop your vocabulary effortlessly.

Have a lot of opportunities to write Japanese in writing lessons so that you can compose Japanese sentences correctly.

Improve all of your four skills, reading, listening, speaking and writing and expand your vocabulary dramatically

Anywhere in the world, you can start learning Japanese 

as if you’ve joined a class 

taught by a Japanese teacher 

with the comprehensive and fun curriculum.

Check Out What Others Have to Say…

"The format of a high number of examples is very efficient; as I can pause the video before the answer is given, and give my own answer, and go through many examples quickly this way.
This course is great!"
- Ben
“I am enjoying the course very much.
Online learning allows students to control how much content they decide to look at. More confident students can choose to skip the parts that they are more familiar with, but students that are less confident still have access to lots of information.
I also like the feature that allows you to control the speed of the videos.”
- Sarah

Module 1 : Te form

Module 1 shows you how to make Te form.

You’ll learn ALL the rules how to make te form from masu form – Group 1 verbs, Group 2 verbs, Group 3 verbs and an exception!

But understanding the rules is not enough. You want to USE te form freely, right?

That’s why I provide you plenty of te form exercises including listening practice to make sure you can memorize te form correctly, recognize each verb quickly and use te form confidently!

Module 2: Please do/ May I …? / You must not …

From this module, you start using te form!

In this module, you’ll learn MANY expressions using te form.

You’ll be amazed how much you can express yourself using te form sentences.
You can ask a request, you can offer something, you can ask permission, and you can order not to do something.

Many learners find it more challenging to recognize te form when it is used in conversation, so I provide listening and speaking practice for you!

After you finish this module, you are confident to use te form in various sentences.

Module 3 : Te います

In this module, you learn “te form + います” sentences.

Te form + います are used in various ways, and many learners get confused.

I explain each concept with an easy-to-grasp chart so that you can understand fully and be ready to use it.

You also practice all 4 skills, reading, listening speaking and writing so that you can use te form + います sentences with confidence.

Module 4: Link Sentences

In this module, we’ll learn how to link sentences.

The English language has a handy word “and” to link almost anything – but the Japanese language doesn’t.

We do link sentences differently.

To link verb sentences, we use te form.
To link adjective sentences, we change an adjective word a bit.

I show you how to do so that you’ll master to link sentences!

Bonus Module : Want and more!

In the Japanese language, we have two kinds of “want.”

I explain them to you so that you understand the difference and make “want” sentences with ease.

I also include bonus lessons how to express “go for something (For example, “go for shopping”).”

After finishing this module, you can express what you’d like to do, what you want, and why you go there!

Konnichiwa! I'm Asuka Sensei.

Asuka sensei

I’m teaching Japanese in various places, including the University of Southampton, UK.

I love my classes. I enjoy interacting with my students, answering their questions, and communicating with you.

But unfortunately, live sessions are not perfect.

My students are all enthusiastic learners but some of them found it difficult to come to the class regularly due to work, or other commitment. Sometimes life is just unpredictable, and their schedule changed unexpectedly.
There are lots of reasons which make them unable to come to the class.

Others of them found that they need more time to digest the contents they’ve learned.
They want to dedicate some time to practice more until they can use them confidently.

And also, I had some students who moved somewhere in the world and found there were no Japanese classes in their new place.
Even though they wanted to continue their Japanese learning, it was just impossible.

In any case above, live sessions were not so helpful.
As a teacher, I wanted to save my students from these situations.

That’s why I created my first online courses.
And those who took my online courses LOVE them.

My online students are happy because FINALLY they can:

✅ Learn Japanese anytime anywhere they like

✅ Study Japanese efficiently and systematically

✅ Watch video tutorials as many times as they want and do exercises to check their understanding

✅ Get the whole picture of grammar with lots of example sentences

✅ Practice advanced skills like listening, speaking, writing and reading, which are difficult to learn by themselves

And now I opened my courses to the public to support other Japanese learners who eager to learn this language and to use it properly.

If you are interested in it, Come and join us!

This course is self-paced and instant access.
You can start this course today, or later. It’s not going anywhere, and you get Unlimited Access. 
(With This Special Bonus, of course!)

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