Summer Learning Sale for Stage 1

Let’s revise what you’ve learned in Stage 1 and make a great start for Stage 2!

You can enroll my online courses at a special student discount price!

This Summer Learning Sale is available until Friday 10th August Midnight.

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Special Summer Bundle Set

Would you like to master what you’ve learned in Stage 1c? 

Then this special bundle course is for you!

Japanese Counters Basics (and More!) Course

Adjective 101 Course

In this bundle, you can revise Japanese adjectives (L8), “Like” and “be good at” sentences (L9), “あります・います” sentences (L10) and counters (L 11). 

You can even prepare for more adjective sentences in Lesson 12!

Grab this Special Summer  Bundle Set with a Huge discount price!

Stage 1 Complete Revision Bundle Set

Would you like to revise WHOLE Stage 1? 

Then this Special Bundle Set is for you!

The First Step of Japanese

First Japanese Verbs 101

Japanese Counters Basics (and More!)

Adjective 101

In this special bundle course, you can revise ALL stage 1, from the beginning to the end!

Grab this Special Complete Revision Bundle Set with a HUGE bargain price!

A La Carte

Japanese Counters Basics (and More!)

This course covers “Like” and “be good at” sentences (L9), “あります・います” sentences (L10) and counters (L 11).

Adjective 101

This course covers all about Japanese adjectives! Present tense (L8), past tense (L12), the comparative sentences and the superlative sentences (L12).

The First Step of Japanese

In this basic course, you can practice Hiragana, Katakana, Greetings (L1), “this and that” sentences (L2) and “here and there” sentences (L3).

First Japanese Verbs 101

This course covers all basic verb sentence structures. You can practice basic verb tenses (L4), Moving verbs (L5), “verb + object” sentence structures (L6) and “giving and receiving” sentence structures (L7).

How do these courses work?

Grammar Section

Short and sweet grammar section helps you to understand how Japanese sentence structure works.

Practice section

Practice section allows you to practice to “make and say” Japanese sentence confidently.

Listening Challenge

To improve your Japanese listening skill, I provide you enjoyable listening exercises.

Reading Challenge

Have you found reading difficult? I’m fully aware that many Japanese learners cannot read the text properly because they are not sure how to pronounce it accurately.

Don’t worry!  I provide you audio as well, so you can read text with audio and improve your reading skill and pronunciation!

Speaking Challenge

You can practice speaking with a Japanese person at virtual speaking lessons. My students LOVE this experience, and I’m sure you’ll also love it!

(Not all courses include this challenge)

Writing Challenge

You can also have a chance to write your Japanese sentences in a writing challenge!

I’m happy to check your answers.

(Not all courses include this challenge)

Vocabulary Challenge

You can expand your vocabulary rapidly!

Wordbank will provide you all the words you’ll learn in each module.

You can also check how much you memorize these words using Vocabulary Check Worksheet.


You can practice what you’ve learned using these worksheets.

(Not all courses include this challenge)

Check Out What Others Have to Say About My Courses…

"The format of a high number of examples is very efficient; as I can pause the video before the answer is given, and give my own answer, and go through many examples quickly this way.
This course is great!"
- Ben
“I am enjoying the course very much.
Online learning allows students to control how much content they decide to look at. More confident students can choose to skip the parts that they are more familiar with, but students that are less confident still have access to lots of information.
I also like the feature that allows you to control the speed of the videos.”
- Sarah

Why did I create these courses?

Asuka sensei

I’m teaching Japanese in various places, including the University of Southampton, UK.

I love my classes. I enjoy interacting with my students, answering their questions, and communicating with you.

But unfortunately, live sessions are not perfect.

My students are all enthusiastic learners but some of them found it difficult to come to the class regularly due to work, or other commitment. Sometimes life is just unpredictable, and their schedule changed unexpectedly.
There are lots of reasons which make them unable to come to the class.

Others of them found that they need more time to digest the contents they’ve learned.
They want to dedicate some time to practice more until they can use them confidently.

And also, I had some students who moved somewhere in the world and found there were no Japanese classes in their new place.
Even though they wanted to continue their Japanese learning, it was just impossible.

In any case above, live sessions were not so helpful.
As a teacher, I wanted to save my students from these situations.

That’s why I created my first online courses.
And those who took my online courses LOVE them.

My online students are happy because FINALLY they can:

✅ Learn Japanese anytime anywhere they like

✅ Study Japanese efficiently and systematically

✅ Watch video tutorials as many times as they want and do exercises to check their understanding

✅ Get the whole picture of grammar with lots of example sentences

✅ Practice advanced skills like listening, speaking, writing and reading, which are difficult to learn by themselves

And now I opened my courses to the public to support other Japanese learners who eager to learn this language and to use it properly.

If you are interested, Come and join us!

These courses are self-paced and instant access.
You can start today, or later. It’s not going anywhere, and you get Unlimited Access. 

This Special Summer Learning Discount is available until Friday, 10th August midnight UK time.

Enroll now before the discount expires!

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