Summer Sale for Fundraising
Let me help you learn Japanese and also my dearest friend, Andrea and her family rebuild their lives from tragic fire.Grab my most popular e-book and informative courses at a sale price.After taking transaction fee, I’ll donate ALL the money to Andrea and her family. **Sale ends 15th September 11:59 pm BST**

Due to fire, Andrea and her family lost EVERYTHING.Fortunately, none of them were at home when it occurred. But I can imagine it must be so hard both emotionally and financially, especially for the family with two small kids.As a friend, I’d like to support them as much as I can. But, of course, you don’t know them, so I don’t want to ask you just “Donate Now.”  Instead, I’d like to support your Japanese learning and donate the money I get to them.In this way, I can serve you and also support Andrea and her family.I picked up my most popular learning materials here, with discount price. Are you an absolute beginner? “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers” e-book would be great for you. Not sure how to say “The restaurant I went last night was fantastic”? “The first step of Noun Modification” course would be perfect for you.After taking transaction fee, I’ll donate all the money to Andrea and her family.I hope you like the idea and enjoy summer learning!

Sale Items: Enjoy Summer Learning!

Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers

Have a plan to go to Japan? Grab this amazingly popular “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers.”With full of practical words and expressions, you can speak Japanese confidently from Day 1 of your Japan trip.This e-book version contains ALL the audios (Yes, not only dialogues and words like most text books but also all the sentences in many. many practice sections.)  So you can practice pronunciation easily until you’ll be confident to speak properly.  Also, you get e-flash cards with audio, which cover all words and key phrases in this book. So you can memorize them quickly.Get this e-book and audios, and e-flash cards to enjoy your Japan trip fully!Suitable for Absolute beginner – Beginner, and Someone who go to Japan soonSpecial Sales Price $7  >> 30% OFF $4.90

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Travel Japanese Course (virtual speaking practice included)

Learn how to turn your trip to Japan into an authentic experience you’ll be talking about for years to come.After this course, “Insider Secrets to Keep You from Looking Like an Average Sightseer”, you won’t be an ordinal tourist who just goes, sees, and says “wow.” You can show your understanding of Japanese culture, speak essential Japanese phrases and get the most out of your experience.Not only jam-packed informative videos but also Digital textbook, and 10 virtual conversation practice videos are included to support you communicate Japanese confidently.If you have a plan to visit Japan and want to learn Japanese to communicate with locals, THIS is the best place to make your dream come true!Suitable for Absolute Beginner – Beginner, and Someone who go to Japan soonSpecial Sales Price $29  >> 30% OFF $20.30

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Let’s Learn Japanese Together Mini!

Have you showed some Japanese DVDs to your kids or provide Japanese picture books but no clue that your kids master Japanese?Then try this mini course.This special 5-day course, “Let’s Learn Japanese Together Mini,” provides your children to learn Japanese with you in a fun and interactive way.This mini course has materials, such as video tutorials, worksheets, printables, and mini-books, JUST FOR YOUR KIDS that will make learning Japanese fun.Once you enroll this course, you will receive these Japanese learning materials every day for 5 days, so you and your kids are ready to start.Now is the perfect timing for your kids to learn Japanese.Suitable for Young Kids who want to start learning JapaneseSpecial Sales Price $7  >> 30% OFF $4.9

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Adjective 101

Are you struggled to memorize adjective words?Not sure whether you change adjective words correctly?Are you about to start learning Japanese adjectives?Then, this course is for you.In this course, you’ll learn adjective words, and how to create adjective sentences step by step. And you also learn advanced adjective sentence structures, comparative and superlative sentences. If you struggle, say, “I prefer coffee to tea,” or “I like ramen the most among all the Japanese food,” this course will be your new best friend.Suitable for Beginner – Upper BeginnerSpecial Sales Price $49  >> 30% OFF $34.30

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The First Step of Noun Modification

Would you like to master how to create noun modification clause?Then, this course is for you!In this course, you’ll learn Noun Modification Clause step by step.This is not another grammar course. In this course, you have many opportunities to “say” Japanese with videos so you can practice even the most difficult, long, and complicated noun modification clause easily and more efficiently.This course also contains “challenge” sections. So not only understand the grammar rule of noun modification clause, you can listen, read and write noun modification sentences until you’ll use this kind of sentence structures confidently when you communicate with Japanese people.After you finish this course, you’ll be able to express yourself with complex sentences. Your Japanese friends will be amazed.Suitable for Upper Beginner – IntermediateSpecial Sales Price $49  >> 30% OFF $34.30

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