Let’s read Japanese children’s book!

Are you interested in reading Japanese children’s books?

Let’s read together!
In this video, I show you one of the most popular children’s books in Japan,
「わにさん どきっ はいしゃさん どきっ」(3-year-old level)


In this book, there are several valuable expressions.


いかなくちゃ いけないね Ikanakucha ikenaine 

I must go. 


こわいなぁ Kowai naa   

I’m scared.


でも がんばるぞ Demo ganbaru zo.

But I’ll do my best!


Reading Japanese children’s books helps you to learn these useful expressions.

If you want to buy it, here is the link to Amazon Japan.

What is your best phrase in this book? 😊


Happy learning!



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