Katakana Learning Course
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3 More Reasons Why You Should Learn Katakana

Have you finished Hiragana? Great! Shall we begin learning Katakana? Further to 8 reasons why you should learn Hiragana, which are as applicable to Katakana, I can suggest 3 more reasons why Katakana is useful for you.

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46 Basic Katakana Letters

Let’s start 46 basic Katakana letters. Each sound is completely same as Hiragana, but you can see how different each letter looks. You can download PDF, listen to the audio and do quiz!

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More Katakana Letters

In this lesson, we’ll learn more Katakana letters, called “dakuon” and “handakuon.” Dakuon is with two dots. Handakuon is with a little circle.

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More+ Katakana Letters

Katakana yōon is same as Hiragana yōon. Yōon is that one i-sound Hiragana letter and one small や, ゆ or よletter join and represent one sound.

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Some More Katakana Letters

In this lesson, we will learn Katakana long vowels and small “ッ.” Long vowels are called “Chōon.” Small “ッ” is called “Sokuon.” Let’s practice.

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Katakana Only Sounds

As Katakana is used to represent the sounds of foreign words, there are several extra sounds only for Katakana. Let’s check.

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