“Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers” book

This book shows how to speak Japanese quickly and easily. You can communicate with local people unbelievably well during your Japan trip.

Let me show you how it works.


When Japanese waiter approached us, my girlfriend looked at me nervously. 

But when I opened my mouth…!

John went to Japan with his girlfriend. Sam went there, too.

What the difference between them is John could not speak anything at all in Japan,

But Sam did. Sam ordered his dinner at the authentic restaurant.

Sam chatted with a shopkeeper in a supermarket.

And Sam asked a Japanese passer-by to take a photo of him and his girlfriend.

John didn’t do anything like Sam. Even though the trip was fantastic, he found it frustrating he could not speak anything.

When John came back from Japan, he started learning Japanese.

“Japan was incredible. My girlfriend and I would like to go back. The biggest regret is we couldn’t speak any Japanese. We should have more fun if we could communicate with local people,” said John.

On the other hand, Sam had a great time there.

Sam spoke Japanese confidently. Sam enjoyed interacting with Japanese people and got some friends.

He and his girlfriend even received some small “surprises” like desserts for free because the waiter he chatted was impressed his Japanese.

Not only the waiter but his girlfriend was impressed his Japanese and confidence.

“It was wonderful,” Sam said. “You will be amazed how people appreciate your effort to speak Japanese. My girlfriend and I had a lovely time.”

Whether or not to speak Japanese makes a huge difference between John and Sam.


You can make a difference… easily!

Japan is far.

You have saved some money to go there. You would like to get 100% worth every penny.

And, in fact, to make your holiday special and memorable doesn’t cost much.

You don’t have to spend fortune to attend a luxurious excursion or go to famous restaurants (You can, of course, if you would like to).

You can easily maximize your Japan trip experience without breaking your bank.

There is a way to get your own unique and extraordinary memory in Japan.

What is that?

To communicate with local people.

If you speak a shop clerk in a supermarket, just ordinary grocery shopping become unusual and adventurous.

If you chat with a waitress when you order in a restaurant, do you think it is the same experience to point your finger on the menu with smiling uncomfortably and hope she understands what you would like to order?

You will meet real people. You will feel real Japan.


“But I’m super busy!”

But, you may ask, how can I do?

Before a long trip, you would be busy to prepare everything.

You might need to work extra to make sure you have nothing to worry about during your holiday, so you don’t have enough time to study.

Or you have to save money for a long vacation so to attend Japanese language lessons might sound too luxurious.

Your time and budget must be limited.


What if…?

What if there is the way you can learn Japanese without paying a lot?

What if there is the way you don’t have to spend the infinite time to learn Japanese?

What if there is a shortcut to impress your partner or your friends during your Japan trip?

Here is the solution.

“Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers” helps you to maximize your Japan experience.

If you read this book, you can…

  • Use Japanese easily from Day One of your Japan trip, because there are full of practical Japanese conversations.
  • Customize sample conversations without pain, because this book provides many related words. You also get English-Japanese and Japanese-English glossaries to find words easily.
  • Learn basic Japanese effectively, because basic Japanese grammar is explained in a comprehensive way to lay the solid foundation of Japanese knowledge.
  • Know Japan more, because there is full of cultural information.
  • Speak confidently, because there are vast amounts of speaking activities.


All you have to do is just to take a simple step.

Grab “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers” and follow the step-by-step program.




“Wait. How can I speak Japanese?”

You may wonder how you speak Japanese aloud if you don’t know how to pronounce it.

Reading book is not enough, you might think.

Yes, that is true. Even If you know many Japanese sentences, words or grammar, they are useless if you don’t know how to pronounce them in Japanese.

How can you communicate with people if you cannot catch his words while he is speaking?

You need to listen.

That is why I prepare special Listening Materials.

90 track Full Audio Files.

This audio is not usual audio recordings you can find in ordinary language textbooks. Almost all language books contain a CD. (Well, there are some textbooks without CD, though. I have no idea how they teach you speaking).

That kind of CD usually includes just “sample dialogue” and “listening exercises” for each chapter. That’s all.

Their CD does contain only some of Japanese sentences in a book.

But how do you do if you would like to know how to pronounce a certain sentence but you cannot find it in audio?

You are not sure and confident to speak.

I don’t want you to be disappointed.

This “90 track Full Audio Files” provides you ALL audio for ALL Japanese sentences in “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers.”

Using this Audio Files, you can:

  • Listen to ALL the Japanese sentences in “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers”.
  • Get better listening skills, because you listen to a variety of Japanese spoken by 5 Japanese speakers.
  • Pronounce confidently, because all the speakers in this audio are 100% genuine Native Japanese speakers.
  • Listen to them anywhere, anytime you like. Download them to your favorite mp3 player and be ready to go.


I believe listening materials have the key role in effective learning.

So I would like to give you this “90 track FULL Audio Files” for FREE.

Buy “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers” and get this “90 track FULL Audio Files” (worth $39.00) for absolutely FREE!




“But…I have a bad memory.”

You may feel it is impossible to memorize new words and key sentences.

That is the enormous task when you learn a new language.

Imagine. You would like to ask “where is a hotel?”

And you are turning over pages to find the word “hotel.”

It is not good. It is not “conversation”.

You need to memorize words and say them whenever you need them.

But how?

Flash cards solve your problem.

Not ordinary paper flash cards but e-flash cards, which contain Audio.

Here is “More than 1500 Ready-Made e-Flash Cards with Audio.”

If you use these cards, you can

  • Quickly memorize new words with ease
  • Clearly understand how to pronounce each word, because these flash cards contain AUDIO!
  • Translate Japanese words into English and English words into Japanese quickly
  • Practice anywhere – just download the app and use them
  • Feel Japanese words fall from your lips automatically!

Memorizing new words are necessary to communicate Japanese.

Buy “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers,” and I add “More than 1500 Ready-Made e-Flash Cards with Audio”, a value of $15.00, for no additional cost.




Don’t be late. The clock is ticking.

Your Japan trip is getting closer. Start today.

The day you are heading toward Japan is approaching.

Sooner you start learning, more you speak confidently and make your Japan trip enjoyable.

Please do not regret not learning Japanese, like John.

Enjoy your Japan holiday as much as possible, like Sam.

Get “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers.”

And you’ll receive

  • 90 track FULL Audio Files”(worth $39.00),
  • “More than 1500 Ready-Made e-Flash Cards with Audio”(worth $15.00)

as FREE bonuses.

Your total investment for learning practical travel Japanese is only $14.49 $9.99.


E-book Special Price: Only $9.99 BUY IT NOW


Buy it today and start preparing.

Have a lovely trip!


Asuka Tsuchiya





P.S. Are you interested in printed version?

You can buy a paperback edition of “Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers”, which is available at Amazon.com and Amazon Europa.

Don’t worry. You can get these FREE gifts when you buy a paperback. Just download them from a secret web page, which is shown inside the book.

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