Let’s master Japanese word order!

Do you know the general rule of Japanese word order?

I will show it to you in this video!



The difference between Japanese word order and English word order

Let me show you an example! 


I went to a park with my friend yesterday.


But in Japanese, our normal word order is like this.


(Time) (Subject)  (… any additional information… ) (object) (verb).


So, if I change the word order of the above sentence, it looks like this.


Yesterday I with my friend to a park went.


It looks weird!


But, we need to work a bit more to make it a correct Japanese word order.


In the Japanese language, we have a special type of word category called “particle.”

It’s similar to repetition words in English, but particles come after a noun word.


So, to add a word order of particles,


Yesterday I my friend with a park to went.


Looks very strange!


Now we will change it to Japanese.


きのう わたし は ともだち と こうえん に いきました。

Kinoo watashi wa tomodachi to kooen ni ikimashita.


Now you got the Japanese sentence!



Japanese word order and English word order are different.

Learning Japanese sentence structure and grammar help you to create better Japanese sentences!


Happy learning 😊


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