Are You Planning Japan Trip? Would You Like to Communicate with Local Japanese People in Japanese and Make Your Japan Visit Special?

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If you are planning to visit Japan, and want to learn practical Japanese which works excellently to communicate with local people, 

Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers is the best solution for you.

How to learn Japanese easily and quickly

For most of us, learning a new language is time-consuming business.

However, it will be very quick and easy IF you:

  • Focus on some typical situations you are likely to experience
  • Learn some versatile phrases which work brilliantly in various contexts
  • Understand basic grammar to grasp language structure
  • Practise how to communicate orally
  • Learn plenty of essential words by heart

Everything is in your hands with Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers. Let me explain.

You will learn essential Japanese which works from Day 1 of your trip

Imagine. When you arrive in Japan, you will start conversing with your new Japanese colleagues in JAPANESE.  You will order meals in authentic Japanese restaurants in JAPANESE. If you get lost, you will ask local Japanese people where you should go in JAPANESE.

Does it sound nice?

Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers provides you with essential travel-related Japanese that you can use every day during your visit to Japan. In this book, you will be exposed to several examples of dialogues, as well as oral  and listening exercises that will help you communicate confidently with local people. Simple and basic grammar is explained to you in a friendly way.  You will also find cultural information to understand the Japanese way of life. 


How to practise speaking and listening: FREE gift #1 Audio Files in total ( ) minutes

Reading text books is not enough to communicate in Japanese. If you have no confidence with your pronunciation, would you like to try starting a conversation?  If you cannot catch any words when Japanese people talk to you, how do you keep chatting?

Listening to audio recordings is a key of success. So here is the FREE gift for you, Audio Files.

In this gift, you can get:

  • Authentic Japanese spoken by 100% genuine Japanese native presenters
  • Full audio recordings which cover ALL main dialogues, ALL key sentences, ALL speaking exercises, ALL listening exercises and more
  • Audio files that you can download in your favourite mp3 player and listen to them anytime, anywhere you like

Sit back, relax and listen to the audios. You will soak in Japanese.

How to memorise plenty of vocabulary easily: FREE gift #2 Anki e-Flash Cards with Audio

 Do you find it easy to memorize new words? For me, No.

All of us know that, if we want to speak, we have to learn lots of words by heart. But it is a difficult goal to achieve.

Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers gives you a powerful solution. Your FREE gift No.2, Ready-made Anki e-Flash Cards with Audio.

What is Anki?

Anki is the app which enables you to learn vocabulary by spaced repetition, which is the most powerful method to memorize words and keep them for a long time. You can download the Anki app for free. It works on PC, Mac, Linux and smartphone.

With these Flash Cards, you can:

  • Memorize ALL words in this book easily and quickly
  • Learn ALL key sentences by heart so you can use them confidently
  • Listen to the pronunciation of the words to boost your listening and speaking ability

With these Flash Cards and app, the only thing you need to do is use them every day for just 3 minutes or less.

Would you like to explore by yourself?

Grab your Japanese Language Learning Guide for Travelers with 2 FREE Gifts and start using it to make your trip to Japan special and unforgettable.

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