How to say “Question” in Japanese?

Do you know how to say “Question” in Japanese?

We use this word often; for example,

“I have a question” or

“May I ask a question?”

What is the word “Question” in Japanese?

Watch the video and find it out.


The useful expressions using the word “Question”

“しつもん shitsumon” means “Question.”

If you have any questions, please use these phrases.

I have a question.
しつもんが あります。
Shitsumon ga arimasu.

May I ask a question?
しつもんしても いいですか。
Shitsumon shite mo iidesu ka.


When you take an exam, you may want to say like this.

About an exam paper
That question was difficult.
あのもんだいは むずかしかったです。
Ano mondai wa muzukashikatta desu.

To call the questions on the exam paper, we use the term “もんだい mondai.”


But watch out!

“もんだい mondai” also means “problem.” 😱

もんだいが あります。
Mondai ga arimasu.
There are problems.


When you have a question, please use the term “しつもん shitsumon.”

しつもんが あります。
Shitsumon ga arimasu.


When you have some problems, you can say,

もんだいが あります。
Mondai ga arimasu.


Let’s recap!

There are two Japanese words that mean “Question.”

しつもん Shitsumon

しつもん means questions you can ask.


もんだい Mondai

もんだい means questions on an exam paper or problems.


Happy learning!


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