How to say “Drive a car” in Japanese?

Have you ever heard “うんてんします (unten shimasu) ” and “ドライブします (doraibu shimasu)”?

Both verbs mean “drive a car,” but they are not interchangeable.

Watch the video, and you will understand the difference!



The difference between “うんてんします (unten shimasu) and “ドライブします (doraibu shimasu)”


うんてんします (unten shimasu) is a neutral word meaning “driving,”


We Japanese often use it as “くるまを うんてんします (kuruma wo unten shimasu),” drive a car.


It is the general verb to be used when we drive a car!



ドライブします (doraibu shimasu) means “drive a car for pleasure.”


This verb indicates the speaker enjoys the driving experience, not using a car as a means of transportation.


If you drive a car for pleasure, it is the verb for you.





.Both verbs, うんてんします  (unten shimasu) and ドライブします(doraibu shimasu), basically mean “driving a car,” but they reflect the speaker’s attitude.


If you drive a car to go to a specific destination or use a car as transportation, please use くるまを うんてんします (kuruma wo unten shimasu),


If you drive a car for pleasure and enjoy the driving experience, please use “ドライブします (doraibu shimasu).”


Happy learning.

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