How to get help in Japanese

Do you know how to ask for help in Japanese?

It’s not as difficult as you may think.😉


Watch the video and find it out.



How to get help in Japanese


I will show you three simple steps.


First: Write an action you want to achieve.


Example: going to Shibuya.

しぶやに いきます。

Shibuya ni ikimasu.


Second: Delete “ます masu” and add “たいです tai desu.”

This sentence means “I want to (verb).”


しぶやに いきますたいです。

Shibuya ni ikimasu tai desu.

I want to go to Shibuya.


This sentence works to tell Japanese people what you want to do, but it sounds childish.


So, let’s go one more step.


Third: Change the “たいです tai desu” part to “たいんですが…, tain desu ga…”

This part indicates you want to do something and you need some help.


しぶやに いきたいんですが…。

Shibuya ni ikitain desu ga….

I want to go to Shibuya… (Could you help me?)


Now you can ask for help!


For example, if you need help writing a specific kanji character, 

say like this!


この かんじを かきたいんですが…。

Kono kanji wo kakitain desu ga….

I want to write this kanji (could you help?)


Follow these three steps and get help from kind Japanese people.

It’s VERY simple!😆


Happy learning!




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