How to say “How to do” in Japanese

Do you know how to say “how to do” in Japanese?

Watch this video, and you can use this expression with confidence!



How to do in Japanese

How to (verb) 

(verb) かた 

(verb) kata


For example,

How to swim




To swim is “およぎます oyogimasu” in Japanese.

Delite ます masu and add かた kata.

And Voila! You get “およぎかた oyogikata.”


Verb with an object


It would be best if you had extra care when you turn “verb + object” into a “verb + かた kata” phrase.

Let me show you an example.


I write kanji.

かんじを かきます

Kanji wo kakimasu.


When you change the sentence above to “how to write kanji.”


かんじ かきかた

Kanji no kakikata


かきます kakimasu changes to かきかた kakikata.


かんじ kanji, the object of the verb “かきます kakimasu,” is linked with the particle “の no.”


かんじを かきます 

kanji wo kakimasu

かんじの かきかた

 kanji no kakikata


Now you can use this expression by yourself!


Happy learning 😊



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