More+ Hiragana Letters

In this lesson, we will learn some more Hiragana letters, called yōon. Yōon is that one い-sound Hiragana letter and one small や, ゆ or よletter join together and represent one sound.


Here is the table.

You can download the booklet, “Hiragana Katakana Charts.”


Let’s read them together.

At the first row, “きゃ、きゅ、きょ”.


At the second row. “しゃ、しゅ、しょ”.


At the third, “ちゃ、ちゅ、ちょ”.


At the fourth, “ひゃ、ひゅ、ひょ”.


At the fifth, “みゃ、みゅ、みょ”.


At the sixth, “りゃ、りゅ、りょ”.


At the second table, first row is “ぎゃ、ぎゅ、ぎょ”.


Second row is “じゃ、じゅ、じょ”.


Third row is “びゃ、びゅ、びょ”


And the last row is “ぴゃ、ぴゅ、ぴょ”


Read each letter. After reading, listen to the audio and check the answer.

でんしゃ (train)

ちゃいろ (brawn)

きょねん (last year)


うんてんしゅ (driver)


じしょ (dictionary)


Great! You have finished all Yōon Hiragana letters!

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