Hinamatsuri ひなまつり

March the 3rd is Hinamatsuri, Girl's day in Japan.

ひなまつりHinamatsuri is a festival that wishes for girls to have luck and stay healthy.

It is called ももの節句 Momo no sekku.

We decorate the house with ひなにんぎょう Hinaningyoo.

Special foods for this event include ひなあられ Hinaarare and ひしもち Hishimochi.

ひなにんぎょう Hinaningyoo


ひなにんぎょう Hinaningyoo wishes for girls to grow up well.
It is displayed on the steps. The number of steps can vary, but the maximum is 7 steps. 7 steps give the full power of the ひなにんぎょう to the child.

On the top step are おだいりさま Odairisama and おひなさま Ohinasama. They represent the emperor and the empress.

The second step is for the さんにんかんじょ Sanninkanjo. They are the おだいりさま Odairisama and おひなさまOhinasama’s very talented and smart maids. They hold a ひしゃく Hishaku, a wooden scooper for scooping water, a さんぽう Sanpoo that is a traditional type of wooden tray, and a ちょうし Chooshi, a decanter for serving sake.

On the third step is the ごにんばやし Goninbayashi. They are 5 men that play instruments.

On the fourth step is the ずいじん Zuijin. They are the security police of the おだいりさま Odairisama and おひなさま Ohinasama. There are two, and the right ずいじん Zuijin is younger, and the left ずいじん Zuijin is older.

On the fifth step is the しちょう Shichoo. They are the cleaners. They hold a broom, dustpan, and a type of rake.

The other two stairs have other important objects and furniture どうぐ dogu.

ひなまつり Hinamatsuri Foods

ひなまつり Hinamatsuri foods

When it is ひなまつり Hinamatsuri, you also eat particular foods.
ひしもち Hishimochi is 3 different colored layers in a rhombus shape. These colors are red, white and green.

ちらしずし Chirashizushi is sushi mixed with other ingredients. It looks very colorful.

ひなあられ Hinaarare is a type of sweet that comes in four different colors, which represent the different seasons. Green for spring, pink for summer, yellow for autumn, and white for winter.


Let’s celebrate traditional girl’s festival, ひなまつりHinamatsuri at your home!

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