Are you looking for a fun way to learn Authentic Japanese and improve your skills?

Then the Fun Japanese Listening” podcast is for you.

Fun Japanese Listening podcast

You can enjoy not only listening activities but also everyday Japanese vocabulary, fundamental Japanese grammar, unique Japanese culture and customs tips, and more!

From this Episode 21, We start a new chapter of “Fun Japanese Listening.”


A bit of backstory…

I hosted the “Fun Japanese Listening” podcast on my old blog.


It was the listening activity podcast to support beginner-level Japanese language learners to improve their listening skills.

My students and many learners all over the world loved it.

I’ve got many compliments about this podcast. 

My podcast was featured as one of the top 30 Japanese podcasts! 


However, due to other commitments, I stopped the podcast for a while.

Publishing podcast episodes are tough.

As a busy working mom, I was a bit overwhelmed and needed some rest.


But I also have been thinking about this podcast and would like to re-start it someday.

I’d like to publish not only just listening materials but also short and crisp Japanese learning shows.

It would be helpful for learners and also Japanese language teachers around the world.


And, the new season of “Fun Japanese Listening” begins.

Let’s learn authentic Japanese together and have fun!


Happy learning!


Asuka sensei

Fun Japanese Listening Podcast