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Do you want to ...

Read Kana fluently?

Listen to Japanese well?

Speak Japanese confidently?

Build up your vocabulary rapidly?

Master Japanese grammar easily?

Take your Japanese to the next level?

Join a Japanese class but cannot find any in your local area?

Then, this course is perfect for you!

With a structured curriculum, 

easy-to-follow video tutorials, 

and helpful references and worksheets, 

You can learn Japanese easily and quickly, anywhere, anytime you’d like.

Kana lessons

Learn Kana Letters written by a standard Kana font used in Japanese schools so that you can read and write Kana properly. 

See other font variations so that you can recognize Kana easily even though it’s written by a different type of fonts.

Get special tips to read Kana easily with extra info such as font variation, similar letters and more so that you are confident to read Kana letters.

Practice reading kana letters and pronounce them correctly at a Quiz section so that it’s getting easier for you to read them quickly.

Read kana words at Weekend Challenge Reading lessons so that you can build up your vocabulary rapidly.

Listen to the recordings and recognize each Kana letter and words at Weekend Challenge Listening lessons so that you are getting familiar with Japanese sounds.

Check all the new words you learn at each module at Wordbank so that you can expand your vocabulary.

 Test your vocabulary at Weekend Challenge Vocabulary lesson so that you can check how much you’ve memorized these words.

Grammar lessons

Learn detailed grammar in a grammar section so that you can understand each grammar details fully

Practice creating sentences so that you can use grammar rules you’ve learned confidently.

Understand number words at special lessons so that you are ready to use Japanese numbers.

Read words such as occupations, languages, items and more so that you can practice reading and also memorize these words surely and quickly.

Have plenty of Listening exercises so that your listening skill improves enormously.

Speak Japanese and enjoy virtual conversation so that you’ll overcome your fear of talking with Japanese people.

Memorize all the new words you learn in each module using Wordbank so that you are ready to dive into the lessons.

Test your vocabulary at Weekend Challenge Vocabulary lesson so that you can develop your vocabulary effortlessly.

Anywhere in the world, you can start learning Japanese 

as if you’ve joined a class 

taught by a Japanese teacher 

with the comprehensive and fun curriculum.

Check Out What Others Have to Say…

“I am enjoying the course very much.
Online learning allows students to control how much content they decide to look at. More confident students can choose to skip the parts that they are more familiar with, but students that are less confident still have access to lots of information.
I also like the feature that allows you to control the speed of the videos.”
- Sarah
"It is a very well made course.
Asuka’s voice is very clearly to hear, and it helps me to improve my Japanese pronunciation.
My struggle is the vocabulary but with the constant repetitions and revision I am starting to get it into my head."
- Iris

Module 1 : Hiragana

Module 1 is all about Hiragana letters.

You’ll learn ALL Hiragana letters – Seion letters, Dakuon and Handakuon letters, Yoon letters, Sokuon and Choon letters. 

But learning each letter is not enough! 

You need to read them Quickly, Easily and Confidently, right?

So I provide you plenty of Hiragana exercises to make sure you can read Hiragana words correctly and recognize each letter and word sounds as quickly as you can.

Module 2: Katakana

Module 2 is all about, obviously, Katakana!

In this module, you’ll learn ALL Katakana letters – Seion letters, Dakuon and Handakuon letters, Yoon letters, Sokuon letters, Choon letters, AND Katakana ONLY sounds.

Many learners find it more difficult to memorize Katakana than Hiragana, so I provide many Katakana exercises for you!

After you finish this module, you are confident to read Katakana letters and words correctly!

Module 3 : Greetings/Introducing Yourself

In this module, you learn how to start a conversation

If you want to talk with any Japanese people, greetings and self-introduction are essential.

You’ll learn and practice in this module so that you are ready to start chatting!

(Yes, you can practice how to chat at a virtual conversation lesson!)

Module 4: This and That (これ、それ、あれ)

In this module, we’ll learn “this” and “that” in Japanese.

Japanese “this” and “that” are different from English equivalents. We have two kinds of “that.”

But don’t worry. I visualize the concept so that you can understand it easily.

You’ll also learn how to add extra information to a noun, how to indicate an owner of an item and more.

After you finish this module, you can skilfully use “これ・それ・あれ” and talk about everyday items around you confidently.

Module 5 : Here, There, Over There (ここ、そこ、あそこ)

In this module, we’ll learn “here,” “there” and “over there” in Japanese.

Japanese “here, there and over there” are similar to “this and that,” that we learned in Module 4 so that we call these words as “こそあど (kosoado).”

You’ll learn these words with visuals so that you can understand them easily.

You also learn how to use the words “どこ(where)” is used.

Actually, どこis very confusing but don’t worry. When you finish this module, you can use “どこ” excellently!

Countdown Party 2018 is a fun learning event which starts from 22nd to 31st December.

You’ll receive a variety of exercises such as reading, listening, speaking and more, every day.

It’s the best way to revise what you’ve learned in 2017 and to have a head start on 2018.

This event comes with a Lifetime Access so you can revise all the course materials anytime.

If you purchase “The First Step of Japanese” by 19th December, 

You can get “Countdown Party 2018 for Beginners” as a bonus!


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Konnichiwa! I'm Asuka Sensei.

Asuka sensei

I’m teaching Japanese in various places, including the University of Southampton, UK.

I love my classes. I enjoy interacting with my students, answering their questions, and communicating with you.

But unfortunately, live sessions are not perfect.

My students are all enthusiastic learners but some of them found it difficult to come to the class regularly due to work, or other commitment. Sometimes life is just unpredictable, and their schedule changed unexpectedly.
There are lots of reasons which make them unable to come to the class.

Others of them found that they need more time to digest the contents they’ve learned.
They want to dedicate some time to practice more until they can use them confidently.

And also, I had some students who moved somewhere in the world and found there were no Japanese classes in their new place.
Even though they wanted to continue their Japanese learning, it was just impossible.

In any case above, live sessions were not so helpful.
As a teacher, I wanted to save my students from these situations.

That’s why I created my first online courses.
And those who took my online courses LOVE them.

My online students are happy because FINALLY they can:

✅ Learn Japanese anytime anywhere they like

✅ Study Japanese efficiently and systematically

✅ Watch video tutorials as many times as they want and do exercises to check their understanding

✅ Get the whole picture of grammar with lots of example sentences

✅ Practice advanced skills like listening, speaking, writing and reading, which are difficult to learn by themselves

And now I opened my courses to the public to support other Japanese learners who eager to learn this language and to use it properly.

If you are interested in it, Come and join us!

This course is self-paced and instant access.
You can start this course today, or later. It’s not going anywhere, and you get Unlimited Access. 
(With This Special Bonus, of course!)

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