Do you want to master Katakana and to be a confident Katakana reader?

Learn authentic Japanese pronunciation and standard Katakana letter writing. 

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Learn Katakana and boost all four Japanese language skills — reading, writing, listening, and speaking — to the next level with lightning speed!

  • Are you struggling to pronounce Katakana words correctly?
  • Would you like to write Katakana beautifully?
  • Do you want to improve your Japanese skills quickly?

Then purchase the Complete Japanese Katakana book and make rapid progress.

Katakana is the Japanese phonetic alphabet to represent the Japanese sounds and loan words’ sounds. If you learn Katakana, you can pronounce Japanese perfectly.

But it’s often taught in a mind-numbing, writing-millions-times way that doesn’t relate to actual Japanese.
That’s why many Japanese learners believe that Katakana learning is boring and is related to solely writing and reading skills.
It’s totally wrong.

Learning Katakana can change the quality of your pronunciation and your listening skills dramatically.

In other words, if you ignore Katakana and cling to Roman alphabets, your Japanese speaking is too terrible to confuse native Japanese people.

“Complete Japanese Katakana” provides you the top-quality Katakana exercises and make your Japanese progress fast.

Here’s what you get:

    • All Katakana letters, including Katakana-only special spellings so you understand the whole Katakana writing system easily.
    • All letters are written in the National standard handwriting style that all schools in Japan use to teach Japanese children to write and read so that you can write Katakana beautifully.
    • All Katakana spelling rules, including Choon (long vowel), and special spellings, so you can read and write correctly.
    • Precise pronunciation tips so you can pronounce each letter accurately.
    • Fantastic listening exercises so you can listen and understand Japanese perfectly.
    • Full audio tracks to download for free so you can hear all the pronunciation clearly.
    • The definitive guide to mastering complete Katakana, so you improve all four skills quickly and easily!

Bonus Free audio to download exclusively for the readers.
Whether you want to master the whole Japanese sound system or just to learn Katakana letters and spelling rules, this book is for you.

This book helps you understand the full Katakana writing system by teaching you an incredibly clear and comprehensive Katakana learning method to move your Japanese skills to the next level.

Buy this book and improve your Katakana skills now.